Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Have We Been Up To?

This has been a busy Spring Break for us!  Pictures are coming soon (I had a brief panic attack when I couldn't find my camera to load my pictures, but Matt found it in Abby's backpack from our day trip the other day!), but for now, I'll fill you in quickly:

*  Saturday, Caleb played a GREAT soccer game that included not just connecting with the ball but kicking it toward the (correct!!) goal several times and almost getting a breakaway!!  We were so excited!  He got to pick lunch (Greene Turtle) and got froyo!

*  Sunday night, Abby had a sleep study. I believe all went well, but we haven't gotten results.  This was a study to show her baseline before surgery so they can make sure all is okay post-op.

*  Matt and Caleb played lazer tag with the youth group on Monday, so Abby and I had some fun Mommy-Daughter time at the board walk and playing with Peeps Playdough.

*  We got to meet sweet little Baby E on Tuesday!  He is so sweet and tiny!  Both Caleb and Abby "held" him, but Abby really loved on him.  It was pretty cute.

*  Tuesday was supposed to be our day to visit the historic ships in Baltimore after meeting Baby E, but it literally started thunderstorming as we pulled into the harbor.  So...we took the kids to the Science Center instead.  They love that place (we are members) and we haven't been there since January, so they were fine.

 *  We've had lots and lots of fun cousin time this week. They've been back and forth just about every day, including today when Sara helped me weed and clean up the yard to get ready for Spring! She was a huge help!

*  Today, Caleb went over to a friend's house.  When I went to pick him up, Abby asked if he could just stay a while longer so we could have more Mommy-Abby time!  :)

*  Tomorrow, we are going to experiment with dyeing Easter eggs with shaving cream.  Should be interesting!

*  Saturday, we are going to try the ships again!  The weather is looking good, so we are hoping to be able to visit all 4 in one day.  This was a Living Social Deal, and we have been putting it off saying we have plenty of time...until now we are close to the expiration date!  It should be a fun day though.  Caleb is thrilled...Abby could probably take it or leave it, but she'll like exploring for a few minutes, at least!

Pictures will come soon!!

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