Monday, April 14, 2014

Along Came You by Karona Drummonds

We drove home to see a package on our front porch.  Abby is beginning to recognize the packages my Book Looks books come in, so she ran to the porch to retrieve the package.  We opened the door and she immediately asked me to open the package.   (Good thing this book was for her!)  When she saw it was a board book, she begged me to read it.  I obliged.  :)

With a title and cover picture like this, you can expect this to be a sweet book about the love between a mother and daughter, and it doesn't disappoint.

You know the phrase, "Having a baby changes everything" that Johnson and Johnson coined a few years ago?  That's the basic premise of this little book.  Each page shares something the mom used to do before her daughter was born, and then what she does now with her.  While each activity is done a little differently now than before the little girl was in the woman's life, it's obvious that the mom wouldn't change any of it for the world!

I love the soft illustrations of this book too.  This would be the perfect little book to get a mom-to-be as a shower gift.  I think all moms can relate to this!  If you're a mom, you'll love this book.

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