Thursday, April 24, 2014

History Alive!

Way back in October, a Living Social deal came up for 50% off a ticket to see all 4 historic ships in Baltimore:  The USS Constellation (a Navy fighting ship), USS Torsk (a WWII submarine), the USCGC Taney (survived Pearl Harbor), and the LV116 Chesapeake (a lighthouse boat).  The only one we'd visited was the submarine, and that was like 5 years ago!  We try to do fun activities that incorporate something educational when we visit places, so I figured this was right up our alley.

My 7 year old history buff was 100% in his element.  Totally.  As in, running all over the ships and exploring every nook and cranny and pretending to load and fire the cannons and yelling for pirates and the helm and reading every plaque and information sheet he could find and asking tons of questions he had that weren't answered on the plaques.

He was also extremely cooperative when I took pictures.  I was shocked at some of the good ones I got of him, considering how much he usually fusses!

Abby, on the other hand...I think she could take or leave the ships.  She liked the Constellation because it was big enough for her to run around and explore, but the others didn't keep her attention.  We spent a lot of time looking off the boats into the water or harbor!  It didn't help that she was fairly grumpy all day!

Her favorite way to travel is on her daddy's shoulders, gripping his tiny little hairs for dear life!  That would explain the grimace on Matt's face!

Many more pictures to share!  Stay tuned!!

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Raelyn said...

You updated the pictures on your Blog's sidebar!! To quote Jesse from "Full House". "Loving it. Loving it!" ;)
That sounds like so much fun!! I think I would have enjoyed it, as well!! I like ships!! ;-D
Ah, Abby.... Well, she is like, what, three?! Preschoolers can sometimes get grumpy!! ;)
Love you later, Raelyn