Friday, July 19, 2013

The Graduate

Today is Abby's last day of Feeding School!

The back says, "Abby Joy:  Master Chewer"

Overall Feeding School thoughts?

The Positives:
She has most definitely increased her volume.  She is drinking 4 oz of Pediasure 1.5 at 3 out of 4 meals and generally doing well.  Because the 1.5 is calorically dense, it's not such a big deal if she doesn't drink every single drop.  We want her to, but her weight gain has been good regardless.

Abby is also eating a lot more solid food.  It's still mostly purees for volume, but she is much more interested in table foods (she ate 2 whole green beans and 3 pieces of elbow macaroni the other day!!).  We've decided to stop pushing the stage 3 lumpy puree because she just doesn't like it.  Although this is typically the next stage in feeding development, we all know that Abby doesn't do things the "typical" way!  She is much more cooperative when we just give her table foods, so we're going with it.  She will continue to have purees for volume.

We have a plan.  I have a protocol to follow, but have permission to deviate from it if the protocol isn't working for that meal (this is something I struggled with for a while because I felt like I was stuck!)  It's not perfect, but we do have a plan and a routine.

The gross motor development has really been coming along!  There are lots of stairs at the hospital and at RMH, so Abby is now alternating consistantly going both up and down stairs without reminders.  I'm now starting on getting her to alternate just holding onto the railing, instead of the railing and my hand.  She doesn't love that so much.  :)

The Negatives:
She is throwing up a lot.  That happens when you try to stretch someone's stomach and push the volume.  But it's not fun.  Especially not out in public.  I'm learning her cues and figuring out when I have pushed her far enough.  It's frustrating though, because she has never been a throw up kid.

We still deal with a lot of behaviors.  A lot. 

Eating three meals a day in a quiet little room one-on-one with the feeder has made it next to impossible to feed Abby in a "normal" setting.  Unless we build a sound-proof feeding room in our house, we are going to have to work on this a bit.

The playroom drama.  'Nuff said.

There has been definite speech regression from said playroom drama.  And I hate it.  We work too hard with her to lose ground.

I have been less than thrilled with the speech and physical therapy she has been getting while here, and I haven't noticed it to be very beneficial.  I really have no idea what they work on because I don't get any reports...despite repeated requests.

Are we happy we made this big committment?  Ehhhh...ask me in three weeks once we transition back to home.  I'm not quite sure yet!


Erin Kassouf said...

Julie don't her summer therapist have to fill out a QPR at the end of the program? That way her home therapist see her current progress/levels on her current goals? And any progress report written should also be shared with you.

Raelyn said...

The positives all sound, well, positive!! Thanks be to God!! ;-D
I am so sorry that Abby has been vomiting!! No fun!! I have a Blogging Friend whose Beautifully Unique little girl was born with one of my birth defects, and is a "tubie". She vomits frequently, so they carry around a "throw up cup" to public places.... If memory serves me right. ;)
I am sorry that Abby has experienced some speech regression. Now that is frustrating!! :-(
Abby looks so cute in her Feeding School Graduate T-shirt!! ;)