Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July

Our 4th of July celebration started a day early with some special activities at RMH.  They made American Flag snacks (break with strawberry jelly and bananas for stripes, and blueberries for stars) and fireworks in a bottle (glitter, pipe cleaners, and beads in water and baby oil).  They also went on a hunt for stars hidden around the playroom and won some fun prizes.

Caleb obviously took the hunting very seriously...

On the morning of the 4th, we went to Port Discovery and were pleasantly surprised at how not-crowded it was!

Abby and Caleb both loved the car, although I fear the gender roles are already forming in these 2 pictures...

There was an awesome drumming room there, which both kids loved.  The man in charge owns all of the drums and was so proud of his collection!  It was, ahem, kinda loud, but they loved it!!

Abby's favorite place was the grocery store, where she "shopped" for quite some time!

She also really loved the infant and toddler room, which had some awesome gross and fine motor activities!  They had several types of flooring to practice walking over rough terrain, and this peg board was perfect for working on fine motor skills!  (Therapy lifestyle, folks!  This is what we do!)  Matt and I said we both want a therapy room like this in our house.  Where's Extreme Makeover Home Edition?!

Caleb's favorite areas were the climbing structure (which I got no pictures of because I was climbing with him!) and the diner.  He absolutely loved playing waiter and getting the food ready!  Although, he dropped our food on the floor and told us to pretend we didn't see that.  I'm pretty sure that's a health code violation, buddy!

For our Paw Paw!

After a relaxing family nap, we gathered some of our RMH friends and headed to the Inner Harbor for the fireworks!

We learned a few things about fireworks in the Inner Harbor...

Like, there are no bathroom anywhere, everyone walks in the middle of the streets like it's one big pedestrian zone, and it is cheaper and a million times easier to take a cab.  

But it was still a fun night with friends, and a fun day in general!  

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Raelyn said...

I love, love, love Independence Day!! Truly!! July Fourth is easily my very favorite holiday!! {Because Christmas does not count. It is a season!!} I love patriotism, Independence Day history, plus the celebration of our freedoms!! I always wear red/white/blue.... Literally from my head down to my feet!! However. My mutt, Rose, hates Independence Day!! She is terrified of fireworks!! Especially bottle rockets. {Which I call "bombs"!!}. Poor baby!! Bottle rockets certainly explode in brilliant colors, though!! ;)
I love Caleb's facial expression as he filled the car up with "gas"!! What a ham, that boy of yours!! ;-D
I love drums!! Bongos are my favorite!! Because I have a rhythm within my soul!! I am sometimes found "drumming" on this very desktop!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D