Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's a Girl!

A doggie girl, that is!  

Meet Chloe!

Chloe is a 4 year old Boxer who we adopted from Adopt a Boxer Rescue.  (There are lots of dogs who need love, if you are interested!)  She was an owner surrender, supposedly because of allergies, but they had 4 other dogs of various breeds....so, we're not really sure what that was about.  We do know she was tied to a tree all day and crated at night.  She doesn't know how to play with toys and seems to be craving love!  Her given name was Cleo, but the foster mom didn't think she looked like a Cleo and called her Chloe.  We agreed that Chloe was a good name for her!

I got an email from the rescue coordinator on Friday saying she thought she had a great dog for us.  We traveled a few hours to Western Maryland to meet this little girl that was described as a "laid back Boxer."  If you know anything about Boxers, you know that "laid back" is not usually a term used to describe them!  I love Boxers and my family has always had them.  Their energy is contagious and they are eternal puppies.  But with small children, we needed a dog a little calmer.  She certainly sounded like a good fit for our family, so we went to check her out.

It was love at first sight.

The kids loved Chloe, and she loved them!  She was so gentle and loving with them, so it made our decision easy.  We signed some papers and loaded her up in the van!

She started out in the back between Caleb and me.  I eventually moved up  to the front once I felt comfortable that she would sit nicely.

Chloe eventually decided that she wanted to move up too!  She sat next to Abby for the last leg of the trip.

Chloe is fitting in perfectly!  She is such a calm girl.  (Yes, you read that right, Boxer lovers!  I said calm!)  She takes her treats very gently, loves to be near where her people are, and slept in her bed all night.  She hasn't barked at all yet, isn't jumpy, and has been nothing but sweet to my two kids who don't understand personal space.  

What makes Chloe stand out from the rest is that she actually has a tail!  Almost all Boxers get their tails docked at just a few days old.  We're not sure why she kept hers, but it's already provided a lot of entertainment!  We're not used to tails, and especially not the strong whip she has!  Her tail is very, very strong and she has given all of us a couple of good whacks!  The kids shriek with laughter every time.  I have to admit, it is comical to hear her tail thump, thump, thumping on the floor. 

(picture courtesy of AABR)

We are so excited to have a dog again!  In Caleb's words, "Life is better with a dog!"  We are all enjoying giving her the love and affection that she has been missing.

Welcome home, Chloe.  We love you!


Raelyn said...

You adopted the canine!! Congrats!! ;-D
First off, I commend you for rescuing an adult as opposed to a puppy!! Most everybody does babies, but full grown dogs need adopted, too!! If anything. They need it all the more!! ;)
If memory serves me right from research, surrendering a dog because of "allergies" usually {But not always!!} really means that this canine has some unwanted behavior problems. Unfortunately. But that's okay!! Chloe is, what I affectionately refer to as "a second chance dog"!! She may need some extra time and patience for adjustments, plus training, but in the long run, it will all be worth it!! ;-D
My Rose {An adult rescue, of course!!} does not know how to play with toys either. Well, actually. She only plays by herself. I believe that is resulted from her former owners never interacting with my girl. :-(
Congrats, again!! ;-D

Anonymous said...

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