Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Local Tourism

We decided to celebrate Matt's birthday a little early with a day in DC.  Caleb has been itching to go to the Vietnam Memorial (although he was disappointed he couldn't find Paw Paw's name on there, no matter how many times we tried to explain that (thankfully!) his name isn't on the wall!), and we got tickets to a Nationals' game.

Of course, the day we went was the hottest of our relatively cool summer.  It was close to 100 degrees, complete with the typical DC humidity.  We had planned to do the monument circuit for the day, but we didn't last long.

We went to the Vietnam Memorial first.

Caleb just kept on looking for Paw Paw's name...

After a picnic lunch, we finally gave into the heat and made our way to The Museum of Natural History.  Of course, so did every other tourist that day.  It was ridiculously crowded...as in, admire the exhibits from across the room because you can't get any closer than that kind of crowded.  

We did manage to find quite a few examples of evolution being taught as truth.  Nothing like a little indoctrination, which is fine as long as it's not Christianity...

Caleb and I waited in a pseudo-line for 20 minutes to get a glimpse of The Hope Diamond.  He really wasn't that impressed.

And this is what Abby did pretty much the entire time we were at the museum!

By the time we got to the game, the kids were just done.  We were hot, sweaty, and sitting right smack in the middle of the row.  And we didn't buy Abby a ticket because we figured she could just sit on our laps.  What were we thinking?!  We finally left at the seventh inning stretch.

Moral of the story:  stay away from DC in the summer!!  :)  We are planning to go back in the early fall when it is cooler, but still pleasant to be outside. Hopefully, that will improve the overall experience.  Plus, Caleb wants to ride the Metro next time--cuz, you know, the Metro is totally awesome...or something...

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Raelyn said...

How neat that you visited the Vietnam Memorial. Caleb is so cute!! ;)
The Museum of Natural History was THAT crowded, huh? Ew. We do not mind attending locations where there are a lot of people, but not like that!! ;-}
Awwww.... Poor Abby!! The museum just was not her "thing"!! She must have been so bored!! ;-D
Thanks for the tour!! I have never been to Washington DC!! You should visit some national monuments--if possible!!--next time!! ;)