Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RMH Visit

We visited RMH on the day that we spoke at the NICU.  We had some donations to drop off from Abby's birthday and wanted Abby to finally be able to meet Sandy, the executive director. 

Take a look at some of the sprucing up they've been doing!  Isn't that awesome?

I love this.  It's a list of definitions of "community," but it totally describes RMH.

This is Amber, the volunteer coordinator we work with when we do activity hours and dinners.  She's new to RMH, but she fits right in!!

This is Sandy, the executive director who is anything but "executive!"  She is so hands-on and her love for the families they serve is beautiful. She has been such a support and encouragement to us.  When she held Abby, she cried and said, "It's not every day you get to hold a miracle!" 

We love RMH and all it stands for!  Thank you for loving our family, and so many others, in such tangible ways.

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