Sunday, November 20, 2011


Abby LOVES to wear my necklaces!  She gets really excited when I give one to her.  Of course, I can't let her wear or play with one that is breakable, but lucky for her, I wear a lot of Mommy Necklaces.  They are made with non-toxic acrylic beads with a break-away clasp, so they're more or less indestructable.

They are marketed as nursing necklaces, but I wear them all of the time just because they're pretty and Abby likes to play with them.  :)

If you "like" them on Facebook, you'll get notifications of sales and bargain sites that are selling them.  That is how I have gotten all of mine. 

She would giggle whenever I put it on her, then immediately pull it off.

She seems to especially like this one out of all of mine (I have 4).  I think it may be the pinks.

I think her shirt suits her, don't you?

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Food lover said...

you are 100% correct. her shirt definitely suits her. its like an addiction for me now, i have to read your website everyday to know what's going on with her and I share this with my 3 year old. If you don;t post anything that day, I go back to the recent posts and read just to take a glimpse at her.