Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lock & Lock Dollar Store

Lock and Lock is having a $1 sale right now and there are some really good buys in there!  My favorite is this half and half container.  I use this one all of the time in Caleb's lunches (broccoli and dip, chips and salsa, two different snack items, etc.)  $1 is a really good buy for this, so snatch it up now!  :) 

There are a few other fun $1 buys too, like this big container or this water bottle.  We have several of the water bottles in various sizes and really like them. 

PLUS, right now if you spend $100 in one transaction, you get a $25 gift card for L&L!  Christmas shopping, perhaps?!

Let me know if you score any good deals!


Blossom Bunkhouse said...

Hi Julie! I'm excited to be a Lock&Lock Supporter with you again! You have a beautiful family and I hope to stop by your blog more often! Danielle

Lisa Szczechowski said...

Hey, Julie, thanks for the heads up on the sale. We got about 20 new containers for storing and sending food with Jude to daycare. I have been searching for good small containers and these fit the bill! I even picked up a couple of the Euro glass containers (love that they can go in the oven!). Thanks again!!