Wednesday, October 13, 2010

hospital happenings

Wow, You All Know Me Way Too Well...

So, it cracked me up that people starting contemplating reasons why I would want the window open! I assure you that while climbing out of my 6th floor window to escape to freedom was somewhat enticing, I am way too scared of falling to ever do that. Much more likely would be me putting on a long-sleeved shirt to cover up my bracelets and IV and sneaking out of the hospital. Of course, getting home might be a bit of a problem...

No, no, don't worry. I will be staying here with a smile on my face. When things get really bad, I remind myself that every needle, every IV, every day that I am in here means one less that Abby has to endure.

That being said, tonight's dinner (yes, the food saga continues) was quite frustrating. When I took off my dinner cover in anticipation because I was quite hungry tonight, I discovered spaghetti with meat sauce and freezer-burned Lactaid ice cream.

No, I'm not lactose intolerant.

While I didn't consider throwing my plate out the window, I was quite tempted to throw it at the wall. However, I quickly decided that that would result in me having to move to another room on another floor and would also involve tranquilizers and straps. So I maintained control and instead ate the oh-so-healthy dinner of Fritos, peanut butter cups, and chocolate straws.

Yeah, I know, that sounds awesome. However, you need to remember that I have been a vegetarian for nearly 17 years--on November 9th--and really do LOVE healthy eating. I would much prefer a plate full of fresh fruit and veggies than tons of junk. While I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, I have been missing my healthy food! Call me weird...I've been called worse!

I mentioned to the girl who picked up my tray that my meal was messed up yet again (way more than I blog about--I only mention the worst ones!), and her reply was...get ready to be quite impressed with her eloquence...


Thank you for your compassion. I'll just continue to munch on Fritos while my daughter's brain development slows because I haven't eaten anything with DHA in it for three weeks. (Yes, I have researched and know all about which foods are best for what type of development. I can't help it. It's what I do!)

Okay, enough for tonight. I'm over it. :)

PS: I feel like this was all over the place. Sorry for the ramblings.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 11:23 AM, EDT

Did Ya Miss Me?

My sister inquired last night as to why I didn't write anything yesterday. Honestly, I had a bit of writer's block and felt like anything I penned would be the same old, same old. I do have a few things to share now though!

I have been contracting a lot recently--it seems to be about every 10-12 hours or so. The doctors say that this will be my new norm because my fluid levels are increasing. Right now, giving me IV fluids is working to slow them to an eventual halt. Let's hope that they keep working until at least next Monday!

My wonderful social worker came to visit yesterday and I talked to her about the food issues. She was appalled that I've been here 3 weeks and they still haven't gotten it together! That woman gets things done!! A dietitian spoke to me later in the afternoon. This woman seemed to know what she was talking about and confirmed my concerns about DHA and other important nutrients. Turns out there is an entire list of vegetarian meals that I haven't been offered! (If you're familiar with them, they're all a brand called Amy's that are sold at grocery stores. Most of them are really good and all of them are nutritionally sound. Almost all of them are made with beans or soy.) These meals go way beyond the pizza and PBJ I've been alternating for the past 3 weeks (of course, mix in the fried chicken, spaghetti with meat sauce, and other assorted mistakes!)

I will also be getting Greek yogurt with every lunch and Ensure with every meal. Before you wrinkle your nose with disdain at the thought of Ensure, it really isn't that bad. I was on a liquid diet for about a month when I had jaw surgery and I actually developed a taste for the stuff! Plus, it's packed with nutrition to help supplement what I'm not getting here.

My parents brought me a delicious meal of shrimp skewers (DHA!!!) and grilled vegetables last night from Chesapeake Grille. Yummo!! I ate every bite of it and was therefore able to ignore most of what was on my dinner tray.

So with any luck, my food woes are over. For those of you who think all of this is rather silly and ridiculous, you try surviving on next to nothing for 3 weeks. You'll be doing something about it too! :)

In other news: I am thoroughly enjoying the cool breeze that flows through my window. My room is much nicer now and I didn't sleep with a wet wash cloth last night. Plus, I actually enjoy the city noises. (Well, except for the woman screaming bloody murder last night. That was a bit disconcerting.)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 9:12 AM, EDT

Venadynes Strike Again

The med student assigned to my case (whom I normally like, but she was the bearer of bad news today) informed me that I should have been wearing the Venadynes all along. Have you forgotten what they are? Let me refresh your memory.

Venadynes are the obnoxious compression cuffs that turn your ankles and calves into slimy, sweaty, pieces of flesh while very nearly cutting off your circulation by inflating for about 10 seconds every minute. Sleeping is virtually impossible. When I had to wear them 24-7, I might have torn them off in a fit of rage and thrown them across the room. But I don't remember--the details are hazy and I will blame the Magnesium for anything that happened!

In short, they are absolutely miserable.

I have put in my request for a compromise: I'll wear them all day if I don't have to wear them at night. (I was told I only had to wear them at night, so as long as I am wearing them a good chunk of the day, I don't see what difference it makes). We'll see if that works.

She also questioned whether they are going to take away my bathroom privileges, but they are still discussing that as a team. UGH! I'm not really sure why they are even talking about that...maybe the increase in contractions? I'm running, not walking, to the bathroom to shower as soon as I finish this post. :)

In other news, here's a little quote from my favorite 3 year old, as emailed to me by my sister:

"I like the hole in my sock. It's like an airhole for my toe."

I love that kid!

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