Thursday, October 7, 2010

hospital drama

Football is Biblical

***We interrupt the regularly scheduled program of Horizontal Living to entertain you with a story and a song.

My child loves football. He learned how to throw his arms up and shout "Touchdown, Redskins!" when he really little and has enjoyed watching football with his daddy this season. In fact, he sleeps in a Redskins shirt every night that they play.

So yesterday, he was wearing a Redskins shirt running around my sister's house singing,

"Hail to the Redskins! The Bible tells me so!"

(sing it to yourself to the tune of Jesus Loves Me if you don't get it!)

Yes, he is his father's son.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010 11:59 AM, EDT

Pass It On

I have been fortunate to have friends bring me some magazines to occupy my time a bit. They vary from crafting to Christian to entertainment, but I read all of them cover to cover!!

I started a pile of the magazines I had finished and decided that instead of throwing them away, I would ask the nurse to pass them on to some of my AP (anti-partum) neighbors. They loved them and now others have joined in the "Pass it On" program! I got a baby magazine last night to peruse.

Yay for helping to make the time pass by quicker. I wish they could wheel our beds into a common area and let us talk to each other from our horizontal state!

BTW: For my friends who sent me magazines, I did cut out your addresses before passing them on. Never fear--your safety is on my mind! :)

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Thursday, October 7, 2010 8:00 PM, EDT

Donations Wanted

No, I don't want your money, or your candy, or even your blood...exactly.

I simply want your arms--or more specifically, your veins.

This afternoon, I started contracting again. They hooked me up to the monitor, and started some fluids. That's when my IV backed up and my arm started swelling quickly. Welp, that one's blown!

My nurse (who had already had me and knew that my veins were bad) went to go get "the best," who dug extensively in my arm before deciding she would try for the hand. I begged her not to, as no one has ever gotten my hand and they always hit a nerve. But, she prevailed. After more digging and nerve-hitting, I told her very plainly to stop. Then I told my nurse's assistant to get my discharge papers together...only half joking.

Two labor and delivery nurses came down to check me out. Both arms' circulation cut off by turniquettes, they finally found a "good" vein in the crook of my left arm. Thankfully, these nurses believed in the power of Linocaine and gave that to me before they commenced their own digging. But this time I didn't feel it!!

After an hour total of people trying to find a vein, they finally got it in, although it is quite uncomfortable. I now am basically down to one arm unless I can manage to use my left one without bending it (which is how I'm typing this). The kicker? These seasoned LD nurses said that my veins are pretty well shot and that the next place for them to go might have to be my neck. MY NECK!

So what I need from you is just a few veins that I can attach to mine. I'm thinking the epoxy I use for my necklaces should be strong enough to glue them to my arm.

Or, if you have any other ideas that sound better than that, I will be open to them as well. For now though, I'll take the donations.

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