Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hospital drama

I Gotta Feelin'....

Why yes, I am in fact posting this at 5 a.m. A particularly chipper nurse gave me my 4 a.m. meds and I was unable to go back to sleep after answering her many questions. No matter though, because today is going to be a good day!! Here's why:

* Matt is coming and spending the night! He hasn't stayed here since Thursday and I miss him. I'm used to him being away, but this is way longer than we've ever had to do before.

* I haven't had Mag or been NPO for over a week!! Yay for 3 meals a day!

* The menu order form for today's meals actually had a bit of variety, so I am straying from the regular tomato soup for once!

* My favorite night nurse is back on tonight and she's awesome!

* Last, but certainly not least, Glee is on tonight and we can watch it uninterrupted, thanks to my favorite dad buying us a few days of television! Glee rocks my world. :)

So you see? It has to be a good day with all of that positive stuff happening!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 12:47 PM, EDT

News is slow here in Horizontal Land, but I will try my best to recap every detail of my bedrest adventures. Inquiring minds want to know, I'm sure. :)

Last night's episode of Glee was hysterical! I hope I have a Grilled Cheesus tonight for dinner! If you didn't watch it, run, don't walk, to Hulu and view it!

I had a surprise visit last night from our pastor and his wife. She went through similar circumstances with two of her children and it was good to chat with them.

My favorite day nurse, Marilou, is wonderful! She is Philipino and has lived quite an interesting life. She has some hysterical stories and loves to just sit and chat when she has a few extra minutes. My day is brighter with her around. It's nice to have nurses who care about their patients.

Matt is realizing that life as a single parent isn't so easy (even with lots of help from family and friends) and I think he's appreciating what I go through when he is gone all of the time! The other day he said he woke up an hour earlier than usual and was still late. Poor guy! It was good to spend time with him last night. I miss him!

Yesterday's lunch was awesome--by far the best I've had since I've been here. I got an entire plate of fresh fruit arranged on a bed of greens with cottage cheese, and it was soooo good! I was getting tired of the carb-heavy foods I was being given (because vegetarians only eat bread and potatoes) so this was a welcome change. I can't quite say the same for last night's dinner of watery vegetable soup, but Matt fixed that with a slice of delicious pizza from downstairs. Plus, he brought me Wawa lemonade and peanut butter cups! I love that man!

Word is getting around about our lollipop stash. It cracks me up when people stick their head in for a minute just to grab a sugar fix. Jackie, the med student, was on call all night and grabbed a couple to try to keep herself awake and alert!

Thank you to everyone who emails or posts stories about normal life! They really do entertain me! :)

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 3:11 PM, EDT

A Sad Tale With a Happy Ending

Update: Oh boy. I got a visit from a hospital nutritionist who apologized profusely for the mistake and brought me another snack basket. It really wasn't that big of a deal! At 4:30, they bring me my meal. I'm now apparently on the early track (it's usually brought at 6:30) and I had...linen napkins! I asked the person who brought my meal and she said I'm a VIP now. It really wasn't that big of a deal! I feel bad that I ever said anything at all!

Well, I spoke too soon. Today's lunch was...fried chicken. A double portion (because I'm pregnant) of fried chicken, actually. And not much else!

Normally when they've messed up my meal, I just eat the other stuff or have been fortunate enough to have been brought something for dinner from a visitor. So I've never complained before. But nobody was here to buy me food from downstairs and there really wasn't much to eat. Plus, I was hungry!!

So I asked my nurse if it would be possible to get something else. Good ole Marilou--she called right down there and went to bat for me. They claimed that I wasn't a real vegetarian and that they have no documentation of me being one, but she had my order form and read to them what I had actually ordered. (After 2 1/2 weeks of having vegetarian meals, you'd think they'd catch on!) They commented that I ate the bacon they gave me this morning, which made me feel a bit stalked. (For the record, Matt ate it because he can't pass up a piece of crispy bacon!) After three calls to the cafeteria from Marilou, I finally got lunch at 3:00.

Yes, this is a sad, sad tale...but here's the happy ending I was talking about. Remember the yummy lunch of fresh fruit and cottage cheese I had yesterday? I was brought another one that was equally delicious! So it's all good. And Abby is happy now too.

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