Monday, April 23, 2018

There is Always Hope!

Today, my girl walked back into her school with her brother, hand-in-hand. 

After being diagnosed with sepsis in May that attacked her respiratory system and forced her surgeon to remove the hardware on the right side of her chest wall, causing it to collapse, Abby's lungs began to fail.  In October, she was officially diagnosed with lung failure and we were told that since she was no longer eligible for a trach due to fusion in her c-spine, there was really nothing else they could do.  We put her in a proverbial bubble and prayed that she would stay healthy.  We celebrated her birthday and Christmas, silently acknowledging that it could be her last.

Once again, God performed a miracle in Abby's life.  Her lungs began to improve and she became less reliant on the ventilator to help her breathe.  We started exploring the idea of her going back to school in the spring.  Abby continued to become more active and was able to play and enjoy time outside without gasping for breath. 

We had many, many meetings as we prepared for Abby's return to school.  Our pediatrician completed a gazillion forms, we typed up detailed notes, her one-on-one was trained, walkthroughs were done, and prescriptions were filled...all in preparation for today.

Cutting off her last countdown link!!

Best Day Ever!!

We will drive her to school because it’s too much equipment to put on the bus every day.

Today, my sweet Abby Joy is officially back in school where she belongs!  Her fabulous one-on-one will be with her every step of the way--the dynamic duo is back together again!

Quite honestly, we weren't sure we would make it to this point.  Back in October, it seemed unlikely that Abby would be well enough to be able to return to school.  While we were realistic, we never gave up hope and prayed that God would improve her health. 

And we are so very thankful that He did!

If you are fighting a medical battle right now, don't give up hope.  Abby is proof that God can perform miracles.


Mary Lou said...

Today is the day!! I have been thinking about Abby, like, all. Day. Long!! ;)
Peace out, Mary Lou

Helena said...

Rejoicing with you in this day. I've been getting updates from Kirsten all winter and I'm so glad to see this update.

Susan Shaw said...

Wow!! Just Wow!! God has performed miracles in my life—and now in Abby’s and yours! May HIS many blessings continue.