Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Caught Ya Doing PT!

I learned long ago that PT is much more effective when it is fun and infused into every day activities.  To really improve gross motor skills, you need to be doing frequent movement--not just "going to PT."   I often say we have a therapy lifestyle, where we just incorporate therapy into everything we do.  That means we set up obstacle courses, have gladiator battles standing on stability squares, ice skate around the kitchen, see who can stand on one foot the longest, swing on the disc swing, etc.  Most of the time, Abby doesn't even realize she is doing therapy.  If you have a therapy mindset, you really can get a lot in just by playing!

Last weekend, Abby's cousins were over and they were putting on a show for me, as they often do!  Today's performance was The Lion King, and they were singing, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"  There's a rather long musical interlude, so I announced that they should all pretend they are different animals and move around!  They were elephants, chimpanzees, lions, frogs, zebras, etc...and my, oh my, what therapy we got in then!  Here are a few pictures of their antics!

Abby as a lizard (this is a great stretch for her!)

Anna as a lion 

Lucy as a chimpanzee 

Abby as a kicking zebra (she would never do this stretch if it was “real pt!)

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