Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Long Weekend

Since we really only had 2 days off of school, it's really not a Spring Break...more a Spring Long Weekend.  However, I was thankful for a few days to spend with my lovely family!

On Thursday evening, Caleb finally was able to see Newsies, which was his birthday present.  The performance was at a dinner theater and it was incredible!  They had some really talented people and it was awesome to see them do so much dancing in a small space!  They brought Caleb a special dessert and acknowledged him before the show. 

 Although Abby wasn't overly excited about going because there aren't enough girls in Newsies, she really enjoyed the dancing! 

My sister watched the kids on Friday so that Matt and I could go out on a "date" to buy new kitchen chairs.  Ours were cheap and are literally falling apart.  I took one of the spindles that had actually broken off to match the color!  We purchased really nice, oak chairs with a stain that matches our table. 

 They should last us for the long haul, I hope!  We also ordered a small swing set for the kids (just 2 swings and a 2-seater), which thrilled them to no end!

  It will be delivered and assembled tomorrow.  We always spend our tax return on something for the house, and these were this year's purchases!  Our heat pump probably isn't going to last too much longer, so we saved the rest of our tax return in preparation for replacing it in the not-so-distant future.

We gave the kids their Easter baskets on Saturday night because Sunday mornings are rather rushed and hectic.  Since we don't really "do" the Easter Bunny, the kids are always happy to get their treats a little early!  Highlights for Abby included 2 Calico Critters sets and a Chronicles of Narnia coloring book.  She's currently listening to the series on CD during her treatments and loving it!  Highlights for Caleb included The Action Bible, which is in comic-book form, an Adidas duffel bag, and a "Young, Scrappy, and Hungry" shirt from Hamilton.  They both also really enjoyed the fancy chocolate dipped Oreo cookies I found at TJ Maxx, of all places!

Abby and I didn't make it to church on Sunday because the germs are still floating around, but we went to my parents' house afterwards to celebrate Easter.  The cousins always have a great time playing together and the 3 little girls were dressed as triplets. 

As usual, the annual picture taking included much screaming and gnashing of teeth!

 My grandmother is staying with my parents right now and seemed to really enjoy the kids running around.  

My mom, sister, and I did a little cruise planning and the kids got "Alaska Dollars" in their Easter eggs this year to spend on the cruise.  They are getting excited about our vacation!!

Today, I took Chloe to the vet in the morning and then Matt went to work.  The kids and I took care of some things around the house and they got some good playing time in.  They really just enjoy being together!  Our tree house was repaired today after a tree took out part of the deck.  After it was finished and Abby's treatments were done, the kids convinced me to take them to the boardwalk to ride bikes/scooters.

  It was coooooold, but I bundled up and agreed!  They don't seem to be affected by the cold wind off of the bay!  They played on the playground for quite sometime too.  I guess a positive of being freezing is that other people know better than to go the it was empty!  Despite being chilly, it was a nice way to end the Spring Long Weekend. 

We hope that you also had a wonderful Easter and were able to celebrate our risen savior!

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