Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Post op day 9

It was a much better day today!!  Abby did a 3.5 hour sprint and 3 hour sprint off the bipap!  She also went to the playroom twice with therapies and was cleared to be able to get up and walk around the unit without a continuous pulse ox.  This makes both of us very happy!  🎉

The other good medical news is that she is cleared to eat what she wants now.  🍩  They are still pumping her full of extra gtube calories, but I'm hoping that will decrease as she eats more.  I thought she ate a great lunch, but the dietician wasn't impressed.  She obviously doesn't know Abby's eating habits!!  Tonight, she drank lemonade and ate 4 packs of butter.  😳


She took a nap in the early afternoon and is also currently asleep.  She always seems to fall asleep right after her sprints because they just wear her out.  I'm not going to let her sleep super long because I want her to sleep tonight...although, that probably wouldn't be an issue anyway!  :)

We were surprised with a wonderful care package from a fellow VEPTR family today.  Abby was thrilled with the fun things to keep her busy.  


I can honestly say now that every day gets a little bit better.  It wasn't true for a while there, and we are thankful for the improvements!

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Christi Henley said...

What a fun-looking bipap she had yesterday!