Monday, May 29, 2017

Post op day 7

Look who has moved on up to the pulmonary floor!!


We are thrilled to be in a corner room close to the playroom and laundry!  It's really quiet here and she has a nice, big room.  I think we will both sleep much better here!  But most importantly, we are thankful that she is well enough to no longer need to be in the PICU!

I'm still processing all that transpired in the last week.  My girl was so sick and we were terrified.  To see her now, being sassy and demanding, is such a gift.  We are so, so thankful.  Today, I let out a huge breath I didn't realize I was holding.  

In other news, this boy enjoyed his first (coffee-free) Starbucks today!  It was a hit!

Matt and Caleb headed home today.  I'm so thankful Matt was here during the scary stuff and that Caleb was able to spend the three day weekend with us.  We miss them already!

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Helena said...

What a great update! Your son is so handsome. They look so much alike what cuties! Praying for continued improvement!