Monday, May 9, 2016

Purple Lightning

After 9 long, frustrating months of waiting, Abby finally received her custom-made wheelchair!  She has an E Fix system, which is a convertible that allows her to drive it herself using a battery, or have us push her manually--all at the turn of a dial!  She named it Purple Lightning! :)

There's a bit of a learning curve as she figures out how to drive her new wheels. Idiot realize how hard it would be because she great at the clinic, so We took Purple Lightning on its maiden voyage to Walmart.  Well, that was a hysterical disaster that involved lots of fallen merchandise, nipped ankles, people getting cut off, and a million apologies for our rookie driver!

We all took a walk on the boardwalk yesterday to get more practice in.  She practiced on a lot of different terrains and we gave her lots of pointers!  She is definitely improving!

We have known for a long time that Abby would need a wheelchair.  She tires easily, has constant back pain, and gets winded quickly.  She has grown out of the stroller, so it is time.  The wheelchair will only be used for long distances (amusement parks, trips to the mall, the zoo, etc.) because it's still good for her to walk, but we want to give her some experience so that she will be ready when she needs it!

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