Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom.  There's just something so...well, magical about it!  

This park is lots of fun for the little ones, and Abby could ride just about every ride.  There are at least four rides that are basically The Magic Carpets with a different theme, and she loved every one of them!

We all drove on the Speedway.  Caleb was so excited that he was old enough to drive on his own...but not tall enough to reach the pedals.  Boo!  I rode with him.  Let's just say that I am not looking forward to teaching him to drive!  I'm pretty sure I got whiplash.  The funny thing about this ride was when our gas pedal got stuck and I couldn't fix it.  We just kept on going and the crew members couldn't stop us either!  We went around again and I managed to get the gas pedal unstuck by the time we got back.  It was hysterical!

Dumbo is one of the many go-up-in-the-air-and-bounce-up-and-down-a-little rides, but they both loved it.

It's a Small World is a favorite of mine for its air conditioning and a chance to relax.  Caleb hated it and begged to be allowed to stay off.  That wasn't happening, so he suffered through.  

He was excited to see some Irish tap dancers though!

Our ride was stuck for about 10 minutes...right under these clowns.  I have to say that even I found that a little creepy and was glad to get off!

The Sword in the Stone is one of those classic photo opportunities.   A child actually pulled the sword out right before Caleb tried!

The Buzz Lightyear ride is a family favorite, and we rode it several times!

Abby is there--just a little low!

Space Mountain was one of the few rides that we didn't allow Abby to go on.  Given that it is pitch black and we couldn't ride next to her to support her if she got jerked around, we didn't feel it was safe.  She didn't seem to mind!  This was one of Caleb's favorites though.

I'll share about Caleb's favorite part of The Magic Kingdom next time!

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