Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Happiest Girl in the World

In the middle of doing a puzzle together, Abby stopped to stretch her back a bit.  I sat in front of her and asked if her back hurt often.  Matter of factly, she said it hurt all of the time and went back to stretching.

Just when my heart broke a little for my poor girl, she looked up at me and smiled, saying, "But that's okay, because I'm the happiest girl in the whole wide world.  I love my family!"

We love you too, Abs!  Keep choosing joy, sweet girl!

1 comment:

Raelyn said...

I needed this story right now!! Sometimes, in Life, it is hard to "choose joy".... For a lot of reasons. And then God leads me to this perspective!! I love that Abby-Girl!! Choose Joy!! ;-D
Love you later, Raelyn