Friday, October 9, 2015


I posted about the flu mist on Facebook a few days ago and had a great response.  So many had no idea that the flu mist was a problem for medically fragile kids. If your child is otherwise healthy, it should be fine.  It's the ones who are susceptible to germs and have chronic diseases who are at risk, because it is a live virus.

If you're choosing between the flu shot and flu mist for your child (or no flu vaccine at all...), consider this:  medically fragile kids cannot be around those who had the flu mist for up to 3 days because it is a live virus.  

We have to keep Abby home from school on the days these are administered. There are 2 days, because kids getting it for the first time need two doses. I found out they usually use the pre-k room to administer the flu mist!  (No worries--that is going to be moved!)

 If your child had the flu mist, please let me know so that we can avoid contact for 3 days after.  

Also, anyone who chooses not to get a flu vaccine will not have close contact with Abby during flu season.  

With this being Abby's first daily school experience, there is a lot we can't control when it comes to germs.  We know that people are going to send their kids to school sick and already have a plan to keep her out if there is something going around.  The nurse and teacher are both going to keep us posted on that.  

But we can control who comes to our home and is in close contact with her outside of school. We plan to keep our home "the safe zone" and only healthy, vaccinated people will be able to come.  

We aren't trying to be unreasonable or rude. Our first priority is to keep her safe.  What is a nuisance of an illness to you could mean a PICU stay for her.  This is our reality.  Getting vaccinated is such a little thing that is so important for us.  Thanks for understanding!

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