Tuesday, October 13, 2015

RMH Loves Governor Hogan!

Did you know that today is Governor Hogan's last day of chemo?!  Woo hoo!

I have been SO very impressed with Hogan's transparency and willingness to turn his difficult circumstances into a way to raise awareness for cancer.  During each inpatient chemo treatment, Hogan has often been found visiting other cancer patients and sharing their stories.

Of course, the Ronald McDonald House was one of the organizations he was able to visit and promote during his cancer battle.  He has supported and loved the families these past few months, so RMH wanted to show Governor Hogan that our family loves and supports him too!

So the RMH staff decided to surprise him with a big pep rally---Hogan thought he was just comign to serve dinner!  Instead, 50+ RMH residents, Ravens cheerleaders, the Oriole Bird, and some of us "lifers" greeted him with noise makers, cheers, and smiles.

Here's an article about the surprise!  The staff pulled it off and Hogan was totally surprised and grateful.

Afterward, we got to meet Governor Hogan and get pictures with him.  Abby was less than cooperative, but whatever.  It is still a cool picture! 

Even Flat Caleb (a social studies project where "Flat" versions of each student gets sent around the world to learn about geography) got in on the action!

After eating a delicious dinner from Bertucci's, we visited with some of our wonderful RMH friends (nobody gets you like an RMH friend--you can talk about classroom modifications, acceptance, and surgeries without feeling like a total weirdo!). 

Then, of course, Caleb had to hang out with the Ravens cheerleaders for a while.  He LOVES the cheerleaders and always has!  They really do a ton for the House.

Turns out, Flat Caleb is a ladies' man!

The kids went with some of their friends to activity hour and painted stained glass fall decorations.  Although they begged me to just stay at RMH that night (I'm pretty sure they think we have a permanent residence there...), we left around 7:30 to head on home.

This evening was just one of many of the wonderful experiences we have had with our RMH family.  We are so grateful to be part of a wonderful organization.  It truly is The House That Love Built!

RMH loves Governor Hogan!!

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