Friday, October 16, 2015


We now have just 52 days until our big trip!  Have I shown you Abby's adorable countdown?  I think I just posted it on Facebook, so here is our Countdown Elsa!

I've been doing some more planning and researching to make sure that we can have as much fun as possible without worrying about anything!  I've got the basic plan for each day, have noted where they sell the souvenirs we want, and am now looking with the kids to decide what they want to ride and see at each park. We are prioritizing, since there's SO much to see.

One of the special events I have booked is a Dolphins Up Close Experience at Sea World.  We will get to learn about dolphin behavior, feed them, and even learn some training signals to use with them.  Abby's favorite part is that we get we visit the dolphin nursery.

Why yes, she is now obsessed with baby dolphins!!

Here's a video of some of what we will see in our tour:

Now that our official countdown has begun, the excitement is definitely building!!!  Eeeeeek!

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