Thursday, July 17, 2014

No Place to Hide by Lee Warren

I'd read a few reviews on No Place to Hide, and they all commented on how wonderfully this book was written by a first-time author.  I decided to check it out, although I am usually not too interested in present-time war books (I'm typically more of a WWII girl!)

I simply could not put this put down!  I had the iPad with me constantly, trying to get in a few more pages in between tasks.  It helped that we traveled 14 hours for vacation, so I had lots of time to read in the car!

Warren's account of life as a military neurosurgeon in war-torn Iraq was eye-opening and heart-wrenching.  He not only shared his day to day tasks; he also pulled the readers into the story and stirred up emotions as he shared the tragedies.  His writing style kept my interest and I never felt like I got to a "slow" part of the book.  It was excellent from beginning to end!

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