Friday, July 25, 2014

Florida 2014: Mini Land

This was Caleb's favorite part of the entire trip.  He absolutely loved Mini Land and could have stayed there all day if we hadn't dragged him away kicking and screaming encouraged him to get on some rides!
New York City

 They had a huge display of DC.  It was especially cool, since we knew what everything was.

Caleb loved The Vietnam Memorial!  (It's his favorite memorial...doesn't everyone have a favorite?!)

See the tiny Obama family?!

There was a big Star Wars display.  Here is the ewoks' tree house that was Caleb's inspiration for his own tree house!

Although I looked through it all much quicker than Caleb, I have to admit that it was pretty cool.  The amount of detail involved in these structures was incredible.  Caleb has decided that this is the exact job he wants when he grows up: he wants to design Mini Land for the various Lego Lands across the country.  :)

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