Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Florida 2014: Rides at the Magic Kingdom

For this trip, we decided to spend both of our days at Disney World at the Magic Kingdom.  There's a ton to see there and we knew that it would be crowded, so it was a good idea to give ourselves plenty of time to explore.  I'd rather do one park well than two parks halfway.

Buzz Lightyear shooting game (We probably rode this 10 times because it was air conditioned, everyone could ride--including Lucy--, and what's not to love about shooting stuff?!)

"It's a Small World" was about as boring as I remembered as a kid, but it was air conditioned!

The kids loved the carousel!  IT WAS HUGE!!!  I think it was 5 horses deep!

Hot and sweaty family picture while waiting in line for the carousel

This was our very first ride:  The Magic Carpets!

Abby rode her very first rollercoaster, "The Barn Stormer," and LOVED it!!  She rode it three times and laughed the entire time!

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