Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Got It!

You know that vacation I needed so badly?  Well, I got it!  Anyone who has or has had small children knows that the term restful is relative, but the trip was just what I needed.

We took two days to drive down to Florida with my sister and her family to visit Lego Land and the Magic Kingdom.  It was crazy, busy, loud, exhausting, hot...and a TON of fun!!

We got back on Saturday only to find out that we were hosting two students on a high school missions trip from Sunday-Tuesday!  (I had said that I couldn't host this time because of just getting back from vacation, but there was a mix-up and one more host home was needed.  It ended up being wonderful and such a blessing to have those two boys!)  After a few days of recuperating from all of that, getting my washer and dishwasher fixed, and catching up on laundry, I can finally share about our trip!

There will be many posts over the next few weeks to share the details, but I wanted to start with my favorite two moments of the trip:

Abby got to meet Anna and Elsa!! I got teary-eyed watching her get so excited over meeting them face-to face.  It was sweet.

 Caleb absolutely LOVED walking through Mini Land at Lego Land.  All of the city scenes are made out of Legos and Caleb was in heaven looking at all of the details!

Stay tuned for many more stories of our adventures!

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