Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Happy birthday to my amazing momma!

My mom is so great!  She is a fantastic teacher, and it shows in everything she does.  Her students are blessed to have her, because she never gives up on a kid.  

She has always been there for my sister and me, willing to drop everything to help us whenever we need her.  She is such a big support for me!

I think one of my favorite things about mom is that she is a problem solver.  If she has an issue, she figured out a way to fix it.  If I can't figure out how to deal with something, Mom always has an idea!  She is always thinking outside of the box!

Love you, Momma!  Happy 29th birthday!! :)

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Dana said...

Tell her Happy Birthday from Gabby Cope and her mom :-) We agree, we love your mom and she is an amazing teacher, one of the best we've had thus far!!!