Friday, December 13, 2013

Gingerbread Houses!

Every year, Caleb and Abby have an Advent Calendar where there's a special activity or treat for each day of December until Christmas.  One day it could be going to look at Christmas lights, the next day we might do a little craft, and another day Caleb might find out he can buy a $5 book from the book fair at school.  (Since Abby is still little, some of the activities are more geared toward Caleb for now, but she can do a lot of them too!)

The other day, the day's treat was making a gingerbread house.  This is a tradition that Caleb has just loved throughout the years, and I think Abby really enjoyed it this year too!

Since Abby was really into the decorating this year, I had to have a little talk with Caleb about letting Abby decorate her part of the house the way she wanted!  He was actually really good about it (I was a little surprised!) and we really didn't have any issues!

The finished product!

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Raelyn said...

A gingerbread house!! Loving it, loving it!! ;)
Abby's focused facial expression!! Like a baseball pitcher, she is "in the zone"!! ;-D