Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Morning

I'm sorry for the delay in Christmas posts!  We were obviously busy Christmas day, and then we left early the day after Christmas to spend a few days with Matt's family in North Carolina.  We got back late Saturday night to a huge mess of luggage, Christmas presents, and laundry, which we slowly waded through over the last few days.

I've got lots of pictures to show you, but I'm going to do it in a few different posts.  For now, here's Christmas morning!

In case you didn't know, Christmas was a little different this year.  The kids are getting an amazing Ewok-style treehouse.  It has a hatch and a door that leads to a walkway and patio.  While it's not quite done yet (it was supposed to be done in time for Christmas, so we are hoping that it will be completed very soon!), the kids are very excited and have already played in it a bit.  We're waiting on shingles, the siding, and the walkway railing to be done, along with a few other details.  It will provide many, many hours of entertainment when it is done!

Because of the obvious expense of the treehouse, there weren't too many unwrappable presents this year.  We prepared the kids for it and they seemed fine with it.  Santa brought a few special decorations for the treehouse, as well as a Soda Stream.  He also kept his promise to bring us money to help with the treehouse!  :)

The kids waiting at the top of the stairs

Chloe wanted to wait with them.  Too bad I couldn't get her to sit still on the top step to make the picture a bit better!

When asked what his favorite present was (besides the treehouse, which is an obvious #1), Caleb grabbed a small Lego set, astronaut ice cream, and a box of Skittles.  I had other ideas of what I thought would have been his favorite, but whatever!  

Hands down, Abby's favorite gift she unwrapped was her Sophia singalong player.  It plays several songs from her favorite show, and also allows you to hook up an mp3 player to sing with using the working microphone.  She L.O.V.E.S. it!!  An added bonus is that, for whatever reason, singing into the microphone (even when it's off) causes Abby to be much louder.  That's something we work on allllllll of the time because her articulation is much better when she's louder.  So Sophia unintentionally became a therapy tool!

And then there's Matt.  


He has wanted footy pajamas for a very long time, so the kids were thrilled to find them in his size!  They eagerly picked out the Superman pajamas with a cape and loved his reaction!  In fact, he is wearing them as a type...and he may or may not have told me that he thinks they make him stronger.  



Matt also got a University of Maryland jersey, which he was extremely excited to open because they have apparently been sold out for several months.  Good thing I bought it in September!  

As for me, I'm the one with the camera, so no pictures of my gifts!  But I got a very pretty camera strap that will save my neck from the soreness and redness I get when I tote my camera for too long.  I also got a personalized phone case with pictures of the two cutest kids in the world.  AND, I got a written promise of some much-needed and much-wanted landscaping of our front yard.  Yay!!!

Stay tuned for lots more Christmas pictures!

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