Friday, November 29, 2013

The Rhythm of Thanksgiving

A friend posted this, and I casually clicked on the link because the photo that was there was of a baby in the NICU.  I figured I might be able to relate in some way and wanted to check it out.

Oh my, the tears!  Could I relate?  Oh yes!

If you don't have time to read the entire post, read this part below where she describes the thankfulness she has for her daughter and know that this is totally my heart.  What a beautiful expression of gratitude.  Thanksgiving is every day.

I don’t need a calendar for Thanksgiving now, all orange and brown, marked by apple cider and falling leaves.
You rolled over and it was Thanksgiving, hot summer sun beating down on the window.
You spoke a single syllable and it was Thanksgiving, snow falling softly from the night sky.
You took shaky steps toward us and it was Thanksgiving, blooms still in buds outside.
I know that our story could have ended differently and I’m still counting the Thanksgivings with heartbeats, a new rhythm of life where all of the smallest things really do call for rejoicing.
“Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle.” – Ann Voskamp

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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful words. I think many NICU parents can relte, as well as other special needs parents. As an adult having rown up with disabilities in a family that made no secret out of having expected me to have come out differently, this makes me sad.