Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So Many Pictures to Load From My Camera...

...and so little time!!

I have lots and lots of pictures and stories to share, but I have been super busy.  Work is really picking up and my job has kind of morphed from teaching to doing mostly staff development.  It's very new and different, but I really like it!

I do have a few cell phone photos I can share with you to give you a few indications of what we've been up to.

We went to Disney on Ice with Starlight!  As always, the kids loved it.  We met a delightful Starlight family with a very entertaining son who kept me smiling through the entire show.  He was so sweet!

This picture says so much!  Abby got sick with a little stomach bug on Halloween, which meant our festivities were limited to decorating pumpkins with play-dough while Caleb and Matt went to the fall festival at church.  We decided to make a Hello Kitty in honor of Reagann, a friend of ours from RMH who is fighting a very serious infection back home in Missouri.  She has coded three times in the last week and is in need of a miracle.  Please join us in praying for Reagann!

Matt and I took our very first trip together...without kids!!!...since before Abby was born.  We went to Lancaster and thoroughly enjoyed slowing down, browsing antique shops, and not having to unbuckle car seats before getting out of the car.  Thanks to my parents who took such good care of our kids and endured many, many phone calls from me so that we could get away!

I'm hoping to load some pictures tonight. Stay tuned!

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Raelyn said...

Is Abby dressed as Snow White? Love it!! ;)
Keep us updated on Reagann's condition.... Good or bad!! Poor girl. :-(