Friday, November 22, 2013


For whatever reason, it seems we talk about Heaven and dying a lot in the car.  I guess Caleb runs out of topics and his mind just wanders to it.

So, we were again talking about Heaven in the car and Caleb said that he wanted to do two things in his life.

1.  Stop smoking in the world (not a bad wish, I have to say!)

2.  Die when he gets old, like older than Momma.  (glad he doesn't consider me "old" yet.)

I told him that I hoped he would live a long, full life and die when he is very old.  I also reminded him that God wouldn't take him a second before He wanted him.

My sweet boy then commented on how he is more happy for Christians when they die, because they get to go to Heaven and be with Jesus.  He's just sad that they're gone.

Before you are too amazed by that...

...his next thought was, "And I can't wait to go to Heaven, because it's perfect.  So you know what's in Heaven?!  More Legos!!!"  Oh, Caleb.

Then his cousin Sara added that Heaven also has more American Girl dolls.  :)

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Raelyn said...

Oh, I love "Calebisms"!! He is such a sweet boy!! ;)
More Legos and American girl dolls in Heaven!! Loving it, loving it!! And don't forget more chocolate!! The purest, most delicious chocolate, ever!! That is what I think, anyway!! ;-D