Monday, October 14, 2013

Thank You, Walmart

So, I ran to Walmart tonight for a few things I really needed (read:  I couldn't run my overflowing dishwasher because we were out of detergent...and I don't wash dishes!) :)  It was supposed to be a quick, relatively easy trip.  We were also shopping for toys for Operation Christmas Child, so the kids were excited to pick out toys for the two children for whom we are filling shoe boxes.  Fairly painless, right?

Just as we walk in and head to the cart rack at the entrance to the store, two punk kids with scary masks over their heads start acting up.  Abby has a ridiculous phobia of slight fear of masks, which typically results in a lengthy meltdown, "That's so scary!" repeated a few hundred times, and heavy stimulation to sooth her.  Today did not disappoint.

I just kind of rolled my eyes at the punks and hurried to our cart, figuring I could calm her down once we were out of their sight...

...until they started chasing Caleb.

He was screaming, she was screaming, and I had had enough.  I spun around and fussed at the boys, saying, "Can you please stop?!  You're scaring my kids!"

They both thought that was hysterical, although one of the boys did take his mask off.  The other one continued being obnoxious as I hurried away as fast as I could with two terrified children clinging to me.

The worst part?  We were right in front of layaway, where several Walmart employees watched without doing anything.  They're just as bad as the kids, if not worse!

We stay away from haunted houses, costume shops, and even the Halloween aisle to avoid these types of meltdowns.  I should be able to get my cart without having my kids freaked out.

Can you tell I'm still a little put off by all of this?!


roxs81 said...

I think you should call wall mart and let theme know what happened .

Dana said...

Yikes, which Walmart? I will make sure I avoid it like the plague as Gabby will meltdown as well if that happened!!! I probably would have rammed one of them with my cart which would have resulted in ME getting in trouble--LOL. Good job for walking away!

Raelyn said...

Oh, I love Operation Christmas Child!! We used to partake in that, as well!! It is a worthy cause.... Good for you!! ;)
The Wal-Mart layaway workers were unbelievable. Couldn't even one of them call management, and have those so-called "punks" kicked out of the store?! I would hope that if I were in the middle of such a situation, that I'd be proactive about such unfortunate behavior!! In fact. I would hope that I'd feel compelled to purchase both Abby and Caleb toys, or something so they calm down!! Plus, perhaps, some chocolate for you!! ;)

Lynne said...

i have come across your blog and read it a few times -- this post caught my attention and I agree with should consider calling wal mart and let the manager know what happened!! The employees need to be trained to step in when something like that happens to ensure it does not occur again! :(

Lynne in Illinois