Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm Really Trying!

I've honestly been missing my blog.  This unplanned break has been hard on me!  When I have time to blog, Matt's not home with his laptop!  When he is home, we are busy doing chores around the house and stuff.

But tonight, I actually had some time!  Woo hoo!  I spent most of the evening editing pictures, and I have some fun ones to share.

I wanted to recap our quick trip to Philly from a few weeks ago.  Our plans got changed the last time we were there, thanks to Abby's appointments taking much, much longer than we anticipated. We didn't get to do the fun stuff we'd planned, so we decided to head up there again--strictly for fun!

We went up Thursday evening and stayed in a very nice Spring Hill Suites.  If you go to Sesame Place, I highly recommend it.  You can walk right over to the park and avoid paying parking fees.  The breakfast is very nice and the room is plenty big enough for a family of 4 (or 5, if you have a small one to fit on the chase lounge.)

Friday morning, we took the kids to the Liberty Bell.  Now that it's closed, I'm especially glad we decided to wait in line to see it!  Abby didn't really care, but Caleb was pretty interested.  It's a neat piece of history.

No, I have no idea why they are loading sideways.  They are correct in the file where they are saved.  It's been a frustrating picture-editing night.

After our trip to the Liberty Bell, we went to the Franklin Institute. This is a very hands-on science center that we were able to get into for free, thanks to our membership at the Maryland Science Center!  I do love that membership!

Matt took this cool shot of the ceiling in the main entrance.  I won't tell you how many pictures it took for him to get a good one.  :)

There was a humongous heart model that the kids could climb in and explore. It was stinking cool!!

There was a large ship that reminded me a lot of our local marine museum.

The kids explored and "drove" a real steam engine.

This is the flight room, and it was Caleb's favorite!  Below, Caleb is in the plane that you see in this picture.  It's suspended from the ceiling.

There was a huge sports room that taught all about balance, speed, and types of exercise.  Matt and Abby got Gaterade dumped on them!

Abby really liked the hall of mirrors.  She just ran from one to another giggling!

Thank you, Mr. Franklin, for a great day!

Stay tuned for another post about Sesame Street!


Darryl said...

Great pictures! Your laptop should be restored this week.

Raelyn said...

Welcome back, Friend!! I have missed you!! ;)
What a neat trip which created wonderful family memories!! ;-D
I am looking forward to your "Sesame Street" post!! I always liked that show!! ;)