Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sesame Place

We had a great time at Sesame Place during our quick trip to Philly!  Abby discovered her love for Abby Cadabby (except when the wooden cut-out is the same size as her, apparently!)

She now insists that her "real" name is Abby Cadabby, not Abigail.

Caleb rode his very first "real" roller coaster...twice...and loved it!!  We would have gone again, but the line was too long at that point.  

Abby really liked Elmo too, and we even watched a show with all of the favorite characters...and Elmo as Michael Jackson dancing to "Thriller."  

Both kids enjoyed climbing the cargo nets, although Caleb went a lot higher than Abby!  I'm secretly kind of glad she didn't want to go up too freaked me out a little!

They both loved riding these push-pull trains.  We were impressed by how much Abby could do on her own!  You can see her look of determination!

While Caleb did some of the rides for older kids, Abby played on a bouncy thing with huge soft blocks.  She had SO much fun!

Caleb and I rode a ride that jumped up and down.  We couldn't quite convince Abby to ride it, but Caleb loved it!

This was part of Abby Cadabby's maze, but I thought it was perfect for Abs!

After a long day of riding rides and having fun, we headed home from our little trip.  It was quick, but we packed in a lot of fun.  

Oh, and since it was Halloween time, they had "trick or treat" stations.  The treats were real snacks, like popcorn, fruit leather, and juice boxes.  The kids were set for the ride home!  Of course, they slept most of the way...thank you, Sesame Street!

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Raelyn said...

Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay, oh yay, oh yay!! The "Sesame Street" post!! ;-D
"She now insists that her "real" name is Abby Cadabby, not Abigail.". Cute!! So, call her that!! It is okay!! My Mom used to refer to me as many different characters!! ;)
I rode a roller coaster years ago!! I was so very terrified!! And I have never ridden a roller coaster ride again!! Well, I got that "out of my system", as the phrase goes!! ;-D
What a neat tribute to Michael Jackson!! I have always loved Elmo!! ;)
"Abby needs help"? I love that picture!! Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D