Saturday, October 19, 2013


Remember Emily?  She's the young adult with CCMS that we have been fortunate to get to know over the last few years.  I talked to her mom for an hour the other night, and I can say we are blessed to have a family who gets our life.  It's really interesting to the surgeries and therapies she's had and get a glimpse of what could be in store for Abby.  We don't typically have any indication of what Abby is going to need in the future, so learning about Emily's journey is as close as we will ever get!  Plus, she is such a sweet girl with a huge heart.  Just read a little of her blog!

We've been saying for quite some time that we would really love to meet Emily in person.  So, a month of so ago, we started really planning!  After our recent conversation, we have chosen a date and Emily is going to come visit for a long weekend!!!

It means so much to us that this college student wants to give up part of her winter break to hang out with us, and it makes me smile even more to know that her reason is because she wants to give Abby what she never had growing up--a friend who is like her.  How awesome is that?!

I'm so excited to spend time with her as a family, and to show her around our beautiful area!

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Raelyn said...

Yes, I remember Emily!! I am so very happy for you guys that you'll get to meet her!! Take lots of pictures and post about this fun adventure, please!! ;)