Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Aftermath

Thank you for all of the sweet comments, emails, and prayers after my last post.  This has been very emotional for me, and it's even harder that Matt hasn't been home while I deal with it.  I'm still most definitely processing our news.   I have found myself quietly apologizing to Abby each night when I put her to bed.  Not apologizing for her life, but apologizing that I am the reason that she has to go through all of this.

I've started the ball rolling for getting a chest xray.  Our insurance won't pay for it, since it's not medically necessary, so we're going through the genetic research department.  I expect that the xray would happen in the next few weeks.  It has to be done at Hopkins, so I'm hoping that I can get the xray done when we are already up there!

I'm looking forward to having my husband back.  This summer, we've pretty much been apart.  That really hit me this week, and it's been a long one!

I've been working on some lighter blog posts to even out these heavy ones.  Stay tuned!  ;)


Raelyn said...

I was going to "check in" on you come Saturday, if there were not any new posts. I am so glad that you are doing alright, Friend!! Such news can really pitch a woman into depression. Thus, I could not get you off of my mind or heart!! ;)

Dana said...

Thinking about you. I can only imagine what you are going through, but, remember, Abby wouldn't be Abby if she was different than she is :-) Regardless of her problems, Abby is amazing, a fighter, a lover, and beautiful. Keep that in mind :-) I know I've never met you personally (though your mom was Gabby's first grade teacher this past year), but your family is always in my thoughts.