Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dear Chloe

Dear Chloe,

We've had you for two weeks now, and you have quickly stolen all of our hearts!  You're so much more than a dog to us, Chloe.  You see, you probably don't realize it Chloe, but you are a huge symbol of normalcy for our family.  You symbolize health, less-frequent hospitalizations, and no more nursing!!  When our sweet Becky girl died right after Abby was born, Caleb was devastated.  He wanted another dog right away, but we just couldn't handle it at the time.  I promised him that we would get another dog when Abby was doing better.  So he was the one who commented on how having you now means that Abby is officially better!  

Since we first met you two weeks ago, we have enjoyed getting to know you.  We see how much you love being petted and giggle when we hear that thump-thump-thump against the floor.  We're still getting used to a boxer with a tail!  It makes us smile to see how much you enjoy chewing on your antler and gobbling your food down.  (You do need to slow down a bit, though!)  You are so patient and gentle with the kids.  We needed a very calm and gentle dog for Abby, and we got one!  You love cuddling with everybody on the bed, but don't tell Daddy.  He still thinks I haven't let you get up there.

Although you don't seem too fond of other dogs right now, we are hoping that you will get better as you build trust.

Abby and Caleb absolutely adore you.  I haven't seen Caleb smile this much since we lost Becky.  He has told me many times that life is just better with a dog.  He's even told me that he hopes his future wife likes dogs, because they're getting one anyway!

 Abby giggles uncontrollably when you give her kisses.  She loves when you go in her room in the morning after she wakes up.  "Where's Chloe?" is the first thing she asks if you aren't there!

I'm sorry that your first four years were spent without knowing what it means to be a "family dog".  I can't change your past, but we can certainly affect your future!  I promise you that you will live the rest of your years knowing love and happiness.  Your biggest problem will probably be the kids not being able to leave you alone!

It's true that we rescued you, Chloe...but maybe it was you who rescued us!  We love you, "Chloe-Chlo"...or "Co-Co," as Abby calls you!


Your Family


Dana said...

Dogs make everything better :-) She's beautiful! congrats. Sounds like she is the absolutely perfect addition to your family!

Raelyn said...

May I post this letter to Chloe on my Blog? {Sans pictures!!} As previously mentioned I advocate adult dog adoption. I also have Blogging Friends who would love, love, love your letter!! ;-D