Friday, August 2, 2013

52 Lists: Places You Want to Go

I found a fun blog theme called "52 Lists."  Each week, there is a different topic.  I doubt that I will be doing one every week (or even very often!) but it's kind of cool to do when I get writer's block.

So, here are some places I want to go!

*  Prague

*  Alaska

*  On a cruise just about anywhere

*  The coast of Maine

*  Vancouver Island

*  Seattle (maybe we can fly into Seattle when we go to Vancouver Island!)

*  Guatemala

*   Austria (I've been there--Matt promised to take me again before I die!)

*  Costa Rica

*  Australian outback

I'd say my top priority is a cruise.  It might be a while before that happens, unless I can convince Matt to do a Disney cruise!

1 comment:

Raelyn said...

Oh dear, I have fallen behind on your Blog!! Well. I shall just have to do something about that!! ;)
I do not have "Celtic blood" flowing within me, thus travelling is not really "my thing". However. I have always wanted to go to Massachusetts!! So much American history is in Boston alone!! Not to mention, my favorite baseball team!! And now that Robert Downey Jr. is filming in that state, I really want to go!! ;-D