Monday, August 5, 2013

37 Reasons Why My Sister is Awesome

Happy birthday to my favorite sister!  She is pretty darn wonderful.  I did a little activity with her kids the other day where they wrote out 37 reasons why they love their mom.  I figured I would do something similar to honor her on her birthday!  Note:  37 was just a random number.  She is certainly not 37!

So, in no particular order...

1.  She didn't kill me when I was a kid.  Trust me, she had every right to do it.
2.  She made me an aunt for the first time!  (Now I'm an aunt to 9 kiddos from 3 families!)
3.  Being a mom of 4 doesn't slow her down.  There is always time for at trip to Target!
4.  Amy is a good great fabulous amazing mom. She knows exactly what each of her kids needs and parents them differently to meet those needs.  I'm not sure I could handle 4 kids, but she takes it all in stride!
5.  Even when I call her bawling, she doesn't freak out on me.  Amy has definitely been there for some of my toughest, most broken moments.  And she doesn't need to (and can't) do anything.  She's just there, and listening, and that's enough.
6.  She married a pretty great guy who thinks he's pretty funny.  (If I'm being totally honest, he is pretty funny.  But please don't tell him that!!)
7.  We can share clothes, and do!
8.  I do love me some Amy Drama!!!  :)
9.  She takes her kids to more birthday parties than anyone I've ever met.  Seriously.
10.  Amy is always ready for a shopping trip!
11.  We bond over good deals and thriftiness.
12.  All of her son's clothes get handed down to Caleb.  He pretty much has his entire wardrobe set for him.  That. Is. Awesome.  (!!!)
13.  She throws fantastic parties for her kiddos...last year her oldest daughter had a spa party complete with foot soaks and manicures!
14.   Amy is almost as big of a germaphobe as me.  I never have to worry at her house!
15.  She texts me with little Anna Anecdotes throughout the day to make me smile (or shake my head in disbelief!)
16.  Even though we never played any team sports growing up, Amy is every bit a soccer mom and loving it!
17.  She let me borrow her car my freshman year of college when I wasn't allowed to have one on campus.
18.  She is crafty.  In the artsy sense of the word, not the shifty sense.
19.  Abby will never be without a bow because Amy is always ready with some super cute, handmade ones!
20.  Amy sees a need and meets it. She makes dinner for SO many people who are sick or hurting.  She is always volunteering to watch other people's kids or help out.  I love that about her.
21.  We Skype to let Anna and Abby see each other, even though we live 10 minutes away from each other and the kids see each other at least a couple of times a week!
22.  She has this cool connection with the post office where these awesome packages full of Vera Bradley will just appear at her door.  She needs to hook me up!
23.  Even when she was away at school, Amy always came to my plays, dance recitals, musicals, etc.  She was always there cheering me on.
24.  She loves my kids, and they love her.
25.  Caleb has his own bed at her house.  :)
26.  She can buy kids-sized shoes, which is awesome.  I have always been jealous of that.  (The thrifty side of me knows that kids' shoes are often cheaper!!)
27.  We call, text, and/or email each other multiple times a day.  It is rare that I don't communicate in some way with her every day.
28.  She minored in dance.  Amy was an awesome dancer!  (I'm sure she still is--but she doesn't do too much ballet these days with 4 kids.  It's more just the Hot Dog Dance.)
29.  All of her kids have 4 letters in their names.
30.  She is the kind of mom who makes cookies, just because.  I'm the kind of mom who buys them at the store.
31.  She is very involved in her kids' classrooms and volunteers in various ways throughout the year.
32.  Amy has Anna.  That's enough right there to earn her the Mom of the Year Award!  She calls Anna her Caleb.  I'm not sure how I should take that... :)
33.  I'm so impressed with her sense of direction.  I don't have that.  And she doesn't even usually make fun of me for it.
34.  She is fashion-conscious and tries to keep me from looking like something off of What Not to Wear.  I still love my Crocs though.
35.  We are 5 1/2 years apart, which was hard growing up.  We are so, SO much closer now than we were when we were younger.
36.  She likes Pinterest.  If you like Pinterest, you have to be awesome.
37.  In all seriousness, Amy loves my family in a very real and practical way. I can never repay her for all of the ways she has helped out these last 3 years.  Whether it's taking care of Caleb for an appointment, watching Abby so that I can do something with Caleb's class, fixing dinner, coming over to help, or whatever else, she is always there when I need her.  I know that I can call her for anything.

I love you, Am!  Have a fabulous day!

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Raelyn said...

1. She didn't kill me when I was a kid. Trust me, she had every right to do it. Crack. Me. Up!! Were you a pain in the ass too? Like me? I still am!! But I'm also "hard to kill", as that phrase goes!! ;-D
What a nice list!! I do hope that your sister sees it!! ;)