Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spacin' Out

We had a rare free Saturday last week, so we took advantage of it and took a day trip to The Air and Space Museum.  Our nephew O went with us; although he wasn't really sure what it was all about before we went, he had an awesome time!

The main thing I wanted to see was the Discovery.  If you remember, it flew on the back of a 747 a year and a half ago.

This was our view when we first walked into the museum.  Amazing!  This monstrosity actually flew into space.  

Look how beat up it is!  Caleb commented on it too, but Matt told him that the scientists weren't worried about beauty--just safety!

I don't think we take enough advantage of all of the museums in our area.  I'm on a quest to remedy that.  This was a good start.  A very good start!

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