Friday, December 18, 2009

Size XL

It's amazing how one $7 size XL black coat can make such a difference in a little boy's day.

I noticed that one of my students was coming to school without a coat.  When I asked him about it, he said the only one he has was his grandfather's and it hangs down past his knees.  Having had all three of his sisters, I am familiar with this family's circumstances and knew they couldn't afford to buy him one.

At Walmart that night, I stopped in the boy's clothing section and noticed that some of their coats were on clearance.  For $7, I picked up an XL black coat that I knew would keep him warm.

The next day, I pulled him aside and asked if he would like to have it.  The glimmer in that boy's eyes said it all, and he nodded.  I handed it to him and said that it was his!

Well, did this boy have a fabulous day!  He did all of his work, participated in class, and even did his homework for one of the few times this quarter!  In fact, he didn't have a piece of paper so he wrote the work on the inside of his folder!  I let him sign the Pride Inside Backpack for showing such responsibility, and he got almost all of his points on his daily chart that day.

That afternoon, he went to visit his mentor (another teacher).  He showed her his coat and said, "When Mrs. Leach gave me this coat, I told myself I was going to have the best day ever!" 

...and he did!

I love those warm-your-heart kind of days, don't you? 

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