Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remember that time we brought snow inside the house?

I'm pretty sure that will be a question I'll have in the future, because I'm thinking we created a memory today. 

We're having a ridiculously big snow storm (blizzard, actually--it's official!) that is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.  It started around 8 p.m. last night and has snowed continuously all day.  The weather is saying it won't end until tomorrow morning...craziness!

Anyway, it's way too windy and deep to go outside and play.  Plus, Caleb hates snow.  Feel free to admire these pitiful shots taken during last year's snow storm!

Since we couldn't go out in the snow, I brought the snow in to us. When I first asked Caleb if he wanted to build a snowman, his instant reply was, "NO!"  Then I told him I'd bring snow inside, and his reaction was, "But Momma, it's going to make the house a mess!"  I assured him that I would keep it neat!

I got a bucket and filled it with snow off of our porch, then laid down some towels in the kitchen and let the boy go to town.  We built a snowman, and then he played for a really long time just like he would in a sand box.  The boy was in heaven...he got to build a snowman and stay warm!

We did a few science experiments too (gotta keep it educational!).  We put snow in a cup to see what would happen to it (It melted!  Amazing!)  Then we poured it out into the snow and it created a small hole in the hole. I then suggested we try to see what would happen if we poured hot water out into the created a big hole!!  I love the wonderment of a 2 year old.  Everything is just so amazing to him.  :)

So, let it snow...inside and out!

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