Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ba, ba, ba-ba, ba-ba, ba, ba-ba....

....I wanna be sedated!

That's pretty much how I'm feeling this week because it's just a tad bit crazy here right now.  However, I am maintaining control--for the most part--and trying to manage my time wisely to keep from going over the edge.  So...that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging. 

I will tell you that Caleb had a fabulous time at Dutch Wonderland with the love of his life.  They held hands pretty much whenever they were in the car, shared toys very nicely, and even had a pretend tea party at the farm house!  It was all very cute!!

I promise, there are many pictures to come....let's just say that I forgot to turn off Sports Mode!  I just need to get through this weekend and I'll load them.  Until then, enjoy this quick story:

We went to visit "our" calves that we fed over the summer.  We knew the numbers and found them fairly quickly.  The one we named Lucy Long-Tongue reached out its loooooong tongue to lick Caleb's hand.  He delightful squealed, "She remembers me!"

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tp said...

i LOVE the photo of caleb under the tree!!