Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Lights Award Winners!

The highly anticipated results of our Christmas lights prizes:

Well....this was the first year that our picks for BOTH most creative and prettiest weren't home!! We didn't want to leave the award on the door step without explanation, so we went to our second choice house for most creative--on Calvert Blvd.

Then, we went to the second choice for prettiest--not there.

We went to the third choice--not there.

We finally went to our fourth choice and someone came to the door! This house was in King's Creek II and was very tasteful with a cross on the top...just not actually the prettiest. However, his reaction was totally worth it. This guy--named Harry Trueman, I might add---was so ridiculously excited! He couldn't wait to tell his wife and daughter when they got home. It was really cute, and we never let on that he was actually our 4th choice! :)

Our actual first choice for prettiest was in Cherry Lane Farms off of Maraschino.  The first choice for most creative was on Avenue C and totally deserving of the title.  You should definitely check it out!

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