Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

*  I did not majorly hesitate before taking a piece of Communion Bread because of the possibility of major germs all over my piece.  I did not lean over and suggest to Matt that next month we need to sit up front so that we get "first pick."

*  I didn't use an entire can of Lysol in my coat closets at school this week.  I am not completely grossed out with the thought that they are only cleaned twice a year.  I did not send Matt to the store tonight while I was tutoring to buy me more Lysol.

*  The Grinch did not manage to steal Halloween from my candy-loving niece.  She was not so completely freaked out by a teenager dressed up like this hated cartoon character that she refused to even enter the gym where our Fall Festival was being held.  She did not cower under the table for the duration of the party.  I was not annoyed at all with the Grinch for scaring little children!

*  After making a good attempt to go potty and earning a piece of candy from his Halloween loot, Caleb didn't lick the last of the chocolate off of his fingers and jump up, announcing, "I'm going to try some more!  You go get me another piece of candy!"  He was not at all disappointed when I told him that he would have to actually go in order to earn anymore of his precious stash.

*  I am not almost completely done with my Christmas shopping and now itching to start wrapping presents.  In the past, I certainly haven't spent Halloweens wrapping gifts!  That would be way too early, so I'm not at all feeling the pressure to begin.  I don't think I'll start tomorrow night...and I'm not at all looking forward to it with eager anticipation! :)

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