Monday, November 23, 2009

A few chuckles...

Last Friday, Caleb learned about Thanksgiving at Mom's Morning Out.  We chatted about what he'd learned on the way home.  According to the boy:

*  The Indians lived in really big tents
*  They helped the piglims catch fish and grow plants
*  The pilgrims came over on a really big flower


Tonight, Matt drove me to the chiropractor.  Caleb asked what the doctor was going to do.  I told him he was going to fix my back.  Of course, the next question was if the doctor would take all of my clothes off.  (um, no, Caleb)  When I assured him that he wouldn't, he then asked what he was going to do to my back.  I told him that he would crack my back.  His question?  "With an egg?"  :)

Pretty clever, if you ask me!

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