Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Hoots

At our church Fall Festival last night, one of the most talked-about costumes was The Grinch.  Who talked about it the most?  Caleb and Sara.  Here's why...

Sara and Caleb were innocently playing in the toddler play area with me while Amy took Owen to some of the older kid activities.  Suddenly, Sara spots the Grinch and started FREAKING out!!!  She froze and began to scream and cry uncontrollably.  Naturally, Caleb followed suit.  I couldn't move either one of them, and we were starting to draw a crowd.  I called Amy on her cell to get her help.

Once we managed to get the kids out of the gym, poor Sara refused to go back in.  In fact, every time she caught sight of the Grinch, a fresh batch of screams and tears ensued.  She wasn't the only one though; the Grinch managed to frighten several kids that night.

Thankfully, Caleb settled down after I got him away from Sara.  I ended up taking Caleb and Owen around to play the games while Amy sat out in the lobby with Sara, who cowered under the table for the rest of the party.  Poor know she must have been scared if she gave up the opportunity to get candy!

Caleb did seem to enjoy it though, and is especially loving the candy.  I offered that he could have one piece if he gave pooping a good try.  After a taste of a delicious candy bar, my boy jumped up and announced, "I'm going to go try a little harder!"  Imagine his disappointment when I told him that he would not be getting another piece of candy... :)

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